Mia Hinchey

About Mia




Mia is a dreamer, an artist, a wife and a mother. Within her chaotic busy life she finds solace at her studio in Downtown Denver which has been her home now for almost 7 years.

Mia grew up in Los Angeles, California. She received her BFA after studying painting, drawing and environmental design. Mia's art often took second place to raising her kids but she was still able to find time for her passion when she could.  It was when she took a trip to Florence Italy with her eldest daughter that decided to put her art career once again as a priority. 

As a busy mother of six it is in her family as well as the little everyday things where Mia finds joy that inspires her work. With her kids now all in school full-time, most days Mia can be found at her Downtown studio, that is until its time for carpool!