I am a dreamer, an artist, a wife and a mom. Within my chaotic busy life I find solace at my studio in Downtown Denver which has been my home for almost 7 years.

I have a a BA in Fine Arts and although I have always considered myself an artist, it was shortly after a surprise trip to Florence Italy with my eldest daughter that I began to focus once again on my love for Art. I was awestruck by all of the beautiful works of art I had only previously seen in a lecture hall and was inspired to jump start my career when I returned.

As a busy mother of six it is in my family as well as the little everyday things where I find joy that inspire my work….I also find inspiration from vintage magazines and items that my mother has kept over the years. 

Because each day is new and different for me,  I am a versatile artist who chooses to not be boxed into one focus. On some days I create digital illustrations, some I paint until my hands cramp, there are some days when I make prints and most recently collages are where my focus is. I am so blessed to have a passion and job that allows me to follow my heart every single day.

Thank you for stopping by!

Xo, Mia